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Video: Coating repairs of mass finishing equipment

What a "shiny" process! Ceramic stones that change any surface in an aqueous emulsion by vibration.

As a side effect, the abrasive machine filling not only affects your bulk material, but also the container in which the vibratory grinding process takes place. Extremely wear-resistant linings are necessary to resist this effect. Unfortunately also not infinite in their durability and resistance. Partial repairs and full-surface overcoating are of course possible - even if the system manufacturers like to claim the opposite and prefer to sell a new system.

The first address for repairs is then MetaLine! Why? Because we sometimes work together with the equipment manufacturers already in the original initial lining and therefore know exactly what your equipment needs! We supply the repair material, the know-how and, if desired, the full repair execution.

No "hocus-pocus", but process engineering from surface specialists of the first hour.


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