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 Production assistant (as of now)


Work should be more than "just" earning money - after all, you spend more time with your colleagues than your family. That's why at MetaLine we try to hold on to established values to create extraordinary things in a family atmosphere:

  • It starts with short distances from the company parking lot
  • The provided work clothes are changed
  • At least when it is sunny, light-flooded, extremely clean & fully air-conditioned work rooms are waiting for you
  • A first free coffee at the workplace "sweetens" the start of the day
  • The radio plays in the background and the one-shift operation begins
  • Except on weekends - because then we're always off . . .
  • Ergonomically designed workplaces, including a healthy alternation between sitting and standing, make it easier for all of us.
  • The team leader assigns the first tasks - without time limitations.
  • Single parts, prototypes or small series - monotony due to mass production is a foreign word for us.
  • You control yourself - not us. Because quality starts from inside and should not be imposed from outside.
  • If you have any questions, the whole team will help you - especially during the learning phase.
  • Smoking is done in the green on a small extraordinary campus - pure nature and no barren industrial area.
  • Time doesn't fly by - but we have a contracted work schedule and that's it - no obligation or pressure to work overtime. Guaranteed. Your family can count firmly on you.

We value long-term opportunities for advancement - but you have to embrace them yourself, and that means "learning"! Without that, there is no button "up" in the elevator. Do you know of any employment contracts that explicitly take childcare times into account? Then you should read through ours. Sounds like paradise? No - we have very clear ideas in terms of reliability, cleanliness, honesty and loyalty to the company! In addition, we are a family business that has to finance itself and has no "shareholders" behind it. Our salaries must always be based on this.

What our employees have to say about us can be found here - - Open and honest: We are aware of the older bad reviews from colleagues who had to leave our company. However, these have always been an incentive to improve the core of the criticism. Is everything good with us? No - but many things are completely different and that is why we are an interesting and reliable partner for our employees.

With us the customer is NOT the king - we know that it is easier to find new customers than new employees! You should not miss the chance to talk to an employer who thinks like this!


 Spray Coater / QA (as of now)


Your world is a perfect surface. Not on vehicles but industrial parts. Your name is on every piece - for quality and passion. Mass parts and piecework are a foreign word for you. Just like overtime or shift work. We have a fixed window from Monday to Friday - and that's enough!

Constantly changing challenges - you check the customer's wishes, match the designs with reality and make sure that your "patient" is operated on in the correct place - mix-ups are impossible. 

You are also not too timid to lend a hand in the preparation and to check the quality of your work and that of others - until it fits! Because where your and our name is written on it, the customer should feel a tingling enthusiasm and not getting goose bumps.

Our technology is based mainly on airless and our own cartridge spray process! That's right - our own process that we also distribute worldwide. Not only that we will teach it to you, but you should also teach it to third parties later. Passing on knowledge is satisfying! Development opportunities galore for those who want to get ahead.

We should talk about it.


Unsolicited applications for other areas of work are always welcome. Also by phone! Ask for Camilla Dallmann or Peter Schramm.

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