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We have a solution for
problems with marking
when using workpiece carriers / dies!

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Scope of application:

Parts washing baskets
Assembly supports
Assembly nests / jigs / clamps
Transfer systemes
Sockets / prisms
Ultra-sonic welding tools
Frames / magazines



Technical solutions in detail

MetaLine Series 500/700 –

MetaLine Series 500/700 coatings with a coefficient of static friction of up to my(0) = 0.7 can safely position components - without further clamping. Soft surface properties protect sensitive visible surfaces. The coatings can be applied seamlessly to any surface geometry, no matter how complex, by spraying. The versatile MetaLine coating textures are of particular importance for scratch protection. Foreign contaminants can escape into the depths, while the component surface lies on the coating tips and no more extensive contact occurs. Visible scratches are a thing of the past.


Product details

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MetaLine Surface Protection GmbH

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