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We solve problems with
shafts / journal bearings!

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Scope of application:

Undersized shafts
Damaged journal bearings
Fractured axle stubs
Scored hydraulic rams
Oversized keyways
Loose shaft sleeves
Worn ball joint housings



Technical solutions in detail

MetaLine Series XL –

MetaLine Series XL are ceramic-based repair materials for professional use on damaged or no longer dimensionally stable components – a feasible, modern alternative method. Thus, for instance, bearing journals can be molded accurately when installed using a matrix process – without mechanical processing. The compounds are particularly suitable for repairing shafts operated as a mating surface with a plain bearing or in the gland and sealing area.

MetaLine repair ceramics do not develop their strength through hardness, but through honing and lapping behaviour which polishes and levels the counter surface. The constructive wear potential is thus almost neutralized. At the same time, the XL series is more wear resistant than a typical metallic shaft material - but NOT harder!


Product details

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