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We have a solution for
functional problems
on automated feeding systems!

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Scope of application:

Vibratory bowl feeders
Linear feeding units
Step feeders
Centrifugal feeders
Belt hoppers
Drum feeders (acrylic glass/PMMA drums)
Tee nut feeders
Elevator feeders
Vibratory hoppers
Spiral elevators



Technical solutions in detail

MetaLine Series 500 –

MetaLine Series 500 coatings are individually adapted to the conveyed material. Each part to be coated is analysed with regard to its optimum conveying properties and the coating mixture is adjusted in the following parameters:

  • Hardness
  • Static friction
  • Surface structure
  • Coating thickness & progression
  • Electrical conductivity
  • Color

This enables stick-slip-free, seamless transport, no scratching and a noise reduction of up to 20 db(A). Approvals and recommendations for use are available from almost all leading international assembly equipment manufacturers. MetaLine - Europe's No. 1 for elastomeric automation coatings!


Product details

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