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We have a solution for
insulation problems
on electrical installations!

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Scope of application:

Large welding electrodes
Current collectors
Handle grip coatings
Testing / controll tools
Submersible motors
Dip galvanizing frames
Cathodes (partial insulation)



Technical solutions in detail

MetaLine Series 700 –

MetaLine Series 700 coatings are electrically non-conductive and have tremendous insulation properties. The dielectric strength is up to > 5 kV (5,000 Volts) per mm (40 mils) layer thickness. At the same time there is a good thermal insulation effect with a thermal conductivity of 0.2 W/m.K (0.12 BTU/h.ft.°F). The soft, haptic properties ensure a secure grip on tools and provide a pleasant grip.

Upon request, we can apply ESD coatings.

Product details

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