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We have a solution for
flange corrosion problems
by means of polymeric coatings!

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Scope of application:

Pipe flanges / joints
Sealing surfaces
Coupling pieces
Rings / collars
Torospherical heads



Technical solutions in detail

MetaLine Series 700 –

MetaLine Series 700 coatings can be sprayed or cast onto the inside of the pipe as well as the flange areas in a single operation – without any offsets or seams. This creates a closed and homogeneous corrosion protection concept. In particular, the infiltration of interior linings is prevented. If required, coated flanges can be operated without further gasket. 

Alternatively, the MetaLine coating is applied without adhesion and can then be cut open and pulled back for revision purposes. After the work, the form-fitting skin is pushed back and the interface is sealed. Protected and yet fully accessible at any time if required!

For you – a modular protection concept that covers all the requirements of a modern pipe connection:

    • alternatively for atmospheric or underwater protection
    • alternatively firmly adhered or without chemical adhesion and thus retractable, accessible and reclosable
    • alternatively electrically insulating or anti-static
    • alternatively colored opaque or transparent to visually indicate liquid leakage
    • alternatively with integrated gas measuring probe to report leakage in the flange – with local localization – electronically to the control room
    • alternatively expanding in case of pressure increase to visually indicate a gas leak due to the inflating deformation – or statically dimensionally stable


Product details

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