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We have a coating solution for
cavitation problems
in hydroelectric power plants!

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Scope of application:

Francis impellers
Kaplan impellers
Guide vanes
Nozzle hoods
Wicket gates
Stay vanes
Spiral casings



Technical solutions in detail

MetaLine Series 700 –

MetaLine Series 700 coatings have much smoother surface structures compared to epoxy coatings. The hydro-dynamic flow conditions are positively influenced by the rubber-like sprayed coating. The homogenous, elastic material structure is vibration-resistant and helps compensate for the continual variances in tension and pressure loads under cavitation. The damage from impact and debris infiltration is extremely inhibited via the massive energy absorbing physical properties. Pelton turbine runners are unsuitable for this elastomeric process, due to their extremely high operational pressure situation.


Product details

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