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We have a solution for
problems with wear
in suction dredging / floating hoses!

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Scope of application:

Dredging pipes
Floating hoses
Pump volutes



Technical solutions in detail

MetaLine Series 600 –

Elastomeric repair- and coating compounds to restructure eroded areas in every desired thickness. Processable on site under most climatic conditions. Applicable overhead. Solvent-free product chemistry with a high elasticity. For repairs, sealingwork and crack stabilization. Suitable inside and outside of all kind of floating hoses and dredging pipes. Extremely durable and even more erosion resistant than vulcanized rubber!

MetaLine Serie 600 - trowelable / brushable - Hand mixing process.


Product details

Technical solutions in detail

MetaLine Series 700 –

MetaLine Serie 700 - castable / injectable / sprayable - Automixing by use of the MetaLine APPLICATOR S-700. Touch to dry within several minutes.


Product details

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MetaLine Surface Protection GmbH

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