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We have a solution for
erosion problems on casings
by means of polymeric repair compounds!

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Scope of application:

Spiral pump casings
Submergible pump casings
Multi-level pump casings
Liquid ring pump casings
End suction pumps
Split casings pumps
Pulp pumps
Flow straighteners


KSB Pumps Test Winner

The elastomeric MetaLine coating technology is the great winner of the "KSB Pumps (Germany) coating test".
In comparison with about 25 international competitors, our energy absorbing material process has established itself with an up to 35 (!) times higher wear resistance!

As the only (!) synthetic coating at all, MetaLine has been classified by KSB as "... a functional cavitation protection ..."! The erosion resistance was even rated twice as high as KSB’s special alloy "Noridur"!

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Technical solutions in detail

MetaLine Series 700 –

Sprayable / OEM Manufacturer quality

MetaLine Series 700 coatings go far beyond the idea of repair. Professional processing requirements whose reward is a massive increase in service life. The elastomer coating serves as a wear layer to protect the original component and its statics. If necessary, the wear layer can be renewed with little effort. The geometry of the housing remains unchanged. The cost savings compared to the procurement of new parts are considerable.


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Technical solutions in detail

MetaLine Series XL –

Trowel- or brushable / Repair quality

MetaLine Series XL offers repair materials that can be stored for an almost unlimited time and are available when “zero hour” arrives. Partially eroded casings or simple pitting corrosion – with straightforward substrate preparation, sealing is possible directly onsite. Quick and easy to work with, they give your own operating crew the tools needed to do it themselves – not for eternity, but until the next scheduled revision!


Product details

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