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Cavitation protection -
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Cavitation Protection

Cavitation – the unknown phenomenon, difficult to grasp and understand. One could almost think we are talking about some kind of ghost. Small water bubbles dissolving massive metal structures within a very short time span - locally isolated and almost as sharp-edged as a beam. The enormous energy accumulation taking place with cavitation has so far not been exhaustively investigated scientifically.

Thermal repair measures are not really solving this problem since they result in undesired structural changes.



Resilient, elastic materials are best suited to tolerate alternating push and pull forces. Solid surfaces tend to become brittle or develop partial pitting corrosion. This sooner or later causes dramatic weakening of the component statics and ultimately leads to technical and economic complete failure.

Protective coatings from MetaLine make sure that the original component geometry, its basic substances and the required mechanical strength is kept. The coating itself does not have an unlimited lifetime due to these destructive effects. But it may be replaced by far easier and also more cost-effective than the component. Or put in other words, the coating serves as a predetermined wear protection layer recyclable as required.

Also, the low area weight amounting to only 1.05 kg/m²/mm and the smooth surface geometry improve the energy efficiency (effectiveness) far better than thermo-metal or ceramic protective systems.

Technical solutions in detail

MetaLine Series 700 -

plane, even and flow-harmonic surfaces to reduce turbulences. Elastic cavitation protection preventing substance degradation – a different way of surface protection.

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