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Corrosion protection -
for the most difficult cases

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Corrosion Protection

Metal surfaces need adequate protection, that's a common fact. Many materials and technical processes want to prove their corrosion protection qualities. The user is pretty much left alone with a confusing number of different products and even more so when it comes to their correct usage.

When having a closer look at the technical requirements of users, supply and demand are what's most important. Since most requisitions are of a restorative nature, they are hence unsuitable for thermal OEM-equipment processes owing to dismantling or distortion. That's why predominantly duroplastic coatings are used when it comes to heavy-duty corrosion protection and they have to prove their on-site or construction site suitability first of all.



MetaLine surface protection systems help to solve this important processing problem. When it comes to corrosion protection, their strategy is two-fold.

Primarily, MetaLine 924 which may be applied with a brush is used as an electro-chemical active (anodic) pretreatment measure offering a galvanizing protective function. Even with partial damages, the self-healing characteristics – similar to hot-dip galvanizing – protect against corrosion attack and borderline penetration.

Then follows spray-on seamless encapsulation with a high-performance elastomer belonging to the MetaLine Series 700. This permanent barrier offers protection against direct medium contact, exposure to weather, humidity, impact, mechanical disturbances or permanent immersion conditions.

Technical solutions in detail

MetaLine Series 700 -

Elastic duplex corrosion protection for severe (off-shore) requirements.

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