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Coating solutions to fight noise

Noise protection
to make sure that important things are heard

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Noise Protection / Sound Deadening

Noise is one of the most unpleasant and health-hazardous effects. In particular monotonous levels or high, impulsive tones can lead to unbearable workplace conditions. For noise abatement basically two types of noise transmission have to be distinguished:

Airborne sound – spreads in the room and can only be combated after its formation by absorbing or sound-breaking measures. These are usually bulky and must be visibly attached as plates, cones or geometric construction in the area of ​​preferred sound propagation.

Structure-borne sound – initially spreads in the material of the sound source and then passes into airborne sound. Fortunately, structure-borne noise can be effectively combated already during its formation by resonance-altering measures directly at the sound source. This leads to a significant reduction in sustained noise levels and in particular to a huge reduction in peak effects, e.g. by impact. In addition, the overall pitches are lowered and thus subjectively classified as being more pleasant.

Noise protection / drone protection to make sure that important things are heard Objectives Providing sound deadening for surfaces by means of structure-borne noise coatings – seamless, humidity-protected and decoratively – as required in accordance with international FDA pharmaceutical and food standards. Technical solutions in detail MetaLine 440 - Sound deadening and noise protection coating



Seamlessly dethrone metallic surfaces and sound boxes with a structure-borne noise-inhibiting coating - if required due to international FDA pharmacy and food standards. The system tends to eliminate high frequencies. Components sound deeper (bass-like). No fading / No Echo / No Reverb. 

The de-drumming takes place on the non-visible inside or, in the case of conveyors, on the outside facing away from the load - wear-free!

Note: Not efficient for wall thicknesses above 5 mm (3/16 inch) or for pure airborne noise abatement.

Technical solutions in detail

MetaLine 440 –

Trowel- or sprayable sound deadening coating. Self-applicable. Waterbased!

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