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Video: The MetaLine Cartridge Spray Process

The MetaLine Series 700 cartridge spraying process in brief: It looks simple, but is not for inexperienced hands!

Don't let yourself be misled - the process itself is unusual - but the coating material in the cartridges and its perfect processing are really decisive for surface protection.

What can you rely on with MetaLine?

  • our unimaginably long experience - no competitor has been on the market in Germany for anywhere near as long as we have
  • practical knowledge, because we use the process in the service itself and do not only market the products to third parties or on the internet
  • a detailed and comprehensive documentation as well as the more than 1,200 real application pictures on this website

Why don't you just drop by our factory and get your own impression! Take us at our word - we look forward to seeing you!


Tel.: +49 (0) 7034 31000
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