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Video: Processing at 40 °C / 105 °F

There is a clear chemical tendency in the choice between high and low processing temperatures. Heat helps, cold harms classical polymerization processes.

And yet it is not a matter of course that MetaLine Series 700 can still be processed at temperatures above 40 °C.

Apart from the enormous physical exertion for the executing person, which must not go unmentioned, heat means an extreme acceleration of all processing relevant reaction times. Values such as overcoating or curing times are at most a quarter of the parameters given in the documentation.

Not quite as bad, since nobody wants to stay in this heat longer than necessary anyway.

And the bad news? No processing at all is allowed below 15 °C surface temperature. Dramatic loss of adhesion would be the result.

As you can see, we know our materials down to the last detail. Ask us – nobody can tell you more about it than we can.


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