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Video: Spraying in confined space

If it is almost too tight to hold a brush, you would not even think of spraying!

One thinks - but not us! The exact opposite is the case:

Brushable products must have a longer working time and therefore be thixotropic. Otherwise it drips off or runs down the walls. Both are extremely hindering to apply coatings quickly and evenly.

MetaLine Series 700 is mixed inside the spray nozzle and is no longer flowable just 60 seconds later. By the time the user gets back to the starting point, the coating is already so stable that overcoating is possible until the desired coating thickness is achieved. A smooth result without waiting times!

Do you see any spray mist in the video? This is also a special feature of the MetaLine Applicator S700 - its low-air spray setting to be able to work almost free of dust if necessary. Banish brushes for painting garden fences and use professional tools and procedures for high-end surface protection demands!


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