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Video: Non-stick coating for concrete buckets

After a long production shift, simply cleaned with a water jet - in less than 1 minute!

Doesn't sound really exciting - but for the concrete experts it is rather astonishing. An extremely wear-resistant, easy to clean special coating for concrete processors. Not only that the still soft residues are simply rinsed out - much more interesting is the fact that the already dried adhesions break off and are also simply rinsed out.

No hammering, no scraping, no high pressure. This is due to the fact that an elastomeric coating "gives way" to "shaking off".

MetaLine 795/980 is the name of this sharp sword in the fight against rock-hard deposits and a lot of frustration among production employees.

Costs significantly less than the effort you have to put in every day! Near Stuttgart (Germany) is the cradle of this development. There it can be inspected in the original at any time.


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