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Video: Marine applications on-site

Indeed - at first sight unspectacular! But did you realize that in the end a 2.5 mm thick synthetic rubber coating was applied - quasi in the harbour jungle!

Without vulcanization, without autoclaves! Then the technical world looks completely different again: Rubber-like surfaces without the well-known, typical problems:

  • No seams
  • Adjustable surface friction
  • Tension-free
  • In variable layer thicknesses without steps
  • Applicable on convex and concave surfaces

Rubber properties are actually beyond any doubt - if it weren't for the processing! This is exactly where MetaLine comes in, using synthetic elastomers that are polymerized and no longer need to be vulcanized.

Sounds exciting - it is. Our colleagues from "engineering services" can tell you much more: Call +49-7034-31000 and we will be happy to answer your questions.


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