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Video: Non-stick truck-bed linings

Everything that sticks and shouldn't - is stupid, costs time, money and nerves!

In principle there are 2 methods to counteract the undesired sticking:

  • The chemical way: Special fluoropolymers which "simply don't let anything get to them". Perfect in the repellent effect - but unfortunately not wear-resistant, but even very sensitive.
  • The mechanical way: Elastomeric surfaces that tend to "shake off" due to their vibration behavior. Not by themselves, but with moderate force, impact or flow. Not as elegant as fluoropolymers - but extremely wear-resistant. However, they are only really strong in their function with hard layers. With decreasing hardness of the caking, the "self-cleaning function" unfortunately decreases.

MetaLine 795 - a useful solution when the requirement profile and the expectations match. . .


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