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Video: Marine & offshore protection coating

Erosion, cavitation, wear - and some other things that you would like to "go to hell". . .

MetaLine Series 700: No paint - but an extreme wear protection that increases the abrasion resistance of steel many times over. Not by hardness, but through an energy-absorbing storage behavior. Preferred where extreme energy occurs: in the propulsion area, ship steering, fresh water intake, bulk material handling.

Weather and saltwater resistant up to 700 meters (2,300 ft) diving depth.

Ahead of its time - solvent-free for over 20 years - when "ecological sustainability" was not yet a concept in contemporary history! And that's exactly how we see ourselves: as pioneers who seek other technical and commercial ways to better solve surface problems. Not easier - but more durable!

It doesn't cost you anything just to make a phone call. Ask for Peter Schramm: You will see that NOT everything is better with us - but a lot of things are different!

MetaLine - we change surfaces!


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