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Video: Spraying inside a huge pump

Now some of you may say – such posers – these huge pumps are not the standard. Of course you are absolutely right.

These are unusual dimensions when it comes to transporting water and sediments. It is all the more remarkable that customers and pump manufacturers rely on MetaLine for such large and thus very expensive components. Because if something goes wrong here, the damage is all the more considerable and standstill can be equated with crop failure in, for example, irrigation pumps in agricultural engineering.

We argue that such a reliability should also be implemented into your systems. Our coating system is not only used for repairs, but is also used by leading pump manufacturers to extend the service life of their products EX WORKS after intensive testing. You can't have a greater certainty of using the right technology.

Incidentally, you would be surprised how many of these huge pumps are installed in the world. . . we know it – because we are part of it. Benefit from the protection that the manufacturer classifies as absolutely reliable!


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