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Video: Fouling Release Coating (FRC)

A step ahead of the times - for more than 10 years we have been working on alternatives to biocide-containing, toxic anti-fouling paints:

  • Our process is based on the so-called "FRC" technology (Fouling Release Coating) - fouling is not killed off, but made removable
  • Completely free of poison or other chemical substances - even permitted for drinking water reservoirs
  • At the same time, the GRP hull receives an elastomeric, mechanical protection that also prevents osmosis
  • But - your underwater side does not stay clean - but you can clean it without much effort and without chemical substances. A mechanical resistance that is sofar unachieved. What has proven itself on container ships should not be withheld from private yacht building!

Cleaning instead of poison . . . Active environmental protection also means to become ACTIVE yourself!


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